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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catching the Wind

               February 3rd. Being woken up by some drunken and wild hostile roommates at 6am isn’t fun, but it happens when you’re traveling cheap in New Zealand. Afterwards I had no choice but to shower and have breakfast. At 7:30am we drove for 2 hours to a remote harbor in Russell. I was euphoric to see that we would be sailing a world class racing sailboat to an island for some lunch and a swim, and when I say sail, I mean sail. We got to pull up the main sail, control the jib and we got to steer the boat. I also finally mastered the bowline knot, which I have been having trouble with every day since my 5 years of sailing camp.
We had lunch “on the Barbie” and kayaked to an island with wild sheep. Not surprisingly, there was poop everywhere, but the view more than made up for the smell. We played a little rugby on the hillside and kayaked back, but not before idiotically trying to herd sheep until they were irritated enough to chase us off the island.
When we arrived back at the sailboat we were awed by the appearance of 5 wild dolphins playing with the crewmates. After carefully approaching them we were able to swim alongside the dolphins while they happily danced through the water. After watching them fade into the sunset, throwing their bodies over waves, we were forced to board the ship home.
Back on shore we roamed around town and found a Thai restaurant, which was a must for dinner. Afterwards, we picked up some gelato and crawled home for our hostile in exhaustion. The group was a bit bored at that point, but we found a game of twister that we amused ourselves with for at least an hour. I suspect they would’ve left without playing, but as I wasn’t allowed to go out to the bars they made an effort to keep me entertained and involved.
So they’ve left an hour ago, and I am here in the hostile writing my blog. I don’t mind what so ever. It’s like living the adventure over again, but sharing the experience with the world. It’s invaluable to alleviate myself of all my memories and reflect on how this experience is affecting me. So far it’s hard to notice any difference in my knowledge or maturity, but I will notify you all when I finally come to realize it. Thanks again to all my followers and to those of you who have commented on my blog.


  1. Jimmy this is amazing what you are doing, makes me feel like I'd better hop to it and start exploring myself. And what a way to spend what would have been the second half of senior study halls and unnecessary electives. I have no quotes or cliches to offer but sincerely hope you continue to have the amazing adventure it sounds like you already are having!

    -Mike kommer

  2. Jimmy...way to go !!! I LOVE reading about the first few days, no rest for the wicked, huh? So relieved to know that all it took for you to FINALLY learn the bowline was to send you to NZ! You might not notice your growing knowledge+maturity, but I do...I love you xxx

  3. Swimming with the dolphins reminds me of the Bahamas when we went snorkeling with the dolphins. Seems like you are having the time of your life!! Your having so much fun on the first few days, just think about how much more is ahead.

  4. Jimmy...I so enjoy reading about your time. You write so well and I feel like I am right there with you, and wouldn't that be something! I can hardly wait for your next entry. By the way I am not Fred...just tec challenged Mimi, and 143 dearly

  5. Jimmy i hope you're taking lots of about a summer slideshow outside on the bluff in Montauk? Not that you're thinking THAT far ahead--nor should you!

    You do write so clearly and eloquently Jimmy-it is a joy to read your stories! And, FWIW, your Mimi isn't tech challenged. :) I think she owned a WII before WII was sold on the shelves! ha.

    New Zealand is truly stunning isnt it (i think of it as Novia Scotia on the other side of the earth.) Oh this journey is already adding to the fabric that makes you you-and you're an amazing thoughtful person.

    with so much gratitude for you,