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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Break

February 8. This photo was the definite highlight of the day. Today was a traveling day entirely. We woke up and had a great breakfast of bacon and eggs. We packed up and drove another 6 hours to a ferry to the south island of New Zealand. The ferry ride was uneventful, until the end. The sun set and we watched the gorgeous landscape disappear behind the curtain of dusk. We drove literally 3 minutes from the ferry drop-off to a hostel. Everyone is ridiculously tired right now and they are complaining that there livers are protesting the intake of more alcohol. So we are going to pick out a movie and finish up the night.


  1. Fantastic photos and so glad you are blogging everyday. As great grandma Mack would say, "every time you see a picture or read of a place you have been, it's like a refund on your trip". I love that and she was a world traveler. ;-) Dad.

  2. Jimmy...I loved seeing all your fabulous photos and I especially enjoyed your entry! Your awareness of self in just 9 days is astounding...I am in awe.
    I had my haircut yesterday and Robin my hairdresser is following your adventure and has passed it on to a friend who has a boy in his junior in high school. You have no idea who and how you have touched people.
    143 dearly,