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Monday, March 7, 2011


March 5. The days grow ever more continuous during class days. It’s a positive repetitiveness, but it sometimes leaves me craving to travel more. Mandarin is as difficult as ever, but I am concentrating intently during lessons and thoroughly completing my homework (which is now present). Christen quickly rose to the top of the class and is now the teacher’s pet, though not without reason. She studied Mandarin for 2 years when she was in high school, which leaves David and I at a disadvantage. We have also moved our housing to the Sunny Lodge in the town of Old Dali. It’s much cozier than staying at the University. They have softer beds and sympathize more with tourists than locals. The owner here speaks excellent English and is helpful whenever we need to know our way about the town. Two cute, friendly dogs also stroll around the property, which I see as an added bonus. Maybe I will have to break up these continuous days with a few Taekwondo lessons in the afternoons, but for now, I am content.
Photos of China have finally been uploaded to my Picasa slideshow! Sorry for the wait.


  1. Remember how you CONSTANTLY complained about your bed on the do you feel about it now?? I think a little Taekwondo would stretch out the tight back. Either that or some strategically placed dim sum...maybe the larger ones, on your bed before you turn in for the night. Also, how on earth do you expect to learn Mandarin without being in physical pain??? Remember, you can ALWAYS count on me for good sound advice.
    xxoxoxo MOM

  2. Just went through the pictures...fabulous, so fun to look at them and get another visual of what you're experiencing. Love to Christen !!!! xx

  3. Have not had time to comment lately but have been enjoying the trip. Love the dumplings descriptions! Try the taekwondo! Uncle tommy