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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Relax and Party

February 26. None of us were ready to wake early this morning. Most of us were tired from the events of last night, but breakfast was at 8am. Although they call this place Beach Comber Resort, it isn’t the typical American resort that most would think of. It’s more of a hostel setting, with strangers sleeping in rooms with other strangers and bathrooms being shared. Yet, since our 14 bed room consisted only of our group, we never had to share a bathroom with anyone. The one difference between hostels and this “resort” is that that they make a surprising effort with the food here. It’s all scrumptious. Omelets, pancakes, bacon, sausages, cassava (which Fiji seems very fond of) and fruit were on the breakfast menu today. After we were full to bursting, we were ready to chill on the beach until noon. The beach was too hot for me and a few other guys so we spent our time in the water, throwing the Frisbee and snorkeling just off the break. Being close to the water with a perfect temperature and great climate is causing me to crave some surfing. If only this beach had a decent break, I would never want to leave.
We planned to go catamaran sailing today, but the wind was nonexistent. Most of the fun activities that are advertised here require some wind to have fun with. There’s parasailing, regular sailing, and windsurfing (which I would love to have tried) and they are all incredibly cheap. The only ones left for us were jet skiing or diving. Both were somewhat out of my price range (jet skiing was $280 for an hour and diving was $200 for a two tank dive) so we contented ourselves with some president, the only thing in the world that makes me outwardly display anger, and B.S. After a couple hours of both, I became bored and left for a nap in the shade. Even in the shade the temperature beats down on your body until you are forced to accept defeat and retreat to your bed.
After an hour of a choppy nap I came back to find the group at the bar. I joined them and found they were recounting the hilarious and embarrassing events of the past month. We spent a good hour before dinner continuously laughing until my throat, stomach, and head were throbbing with pain. It was strange, however, to talk about the past month. It finally made me realize that this trip was coming to an end. I fought back my sadness. I’ll feel that on a later date.
Dinner was the same as last night and happy hour started at 6pm. I watched as the group became wilder with their actions and I was soon forced to act as ridiculous as them. The live band brought out a few fun elimination games tonight. The first dance consisted of Ben, Steren, and I. We had to stop dancing when the music stopped playing. Simple, right? We were eliminated in the first round. With Steren’s infectious upbeat attitude combined with both Ben and Steren’s alcohol influenced actions, I couldn’t stop moving. The second dance comprised of Jade, Andrew, Ben, Brian, Steren, and I. The band would play music and when they stopped playing they would yell out a number. Everybody had to latch onto one another in order to make a group that consisted of that number of people. It was chaos as we shoved and pushed for our partners and, consequentially, there was plenty of face planting and close lining. Surprisingly, I placed third in this competition. It was a fun night, even if it ended in Olivia and I escorting a few people home.

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