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Friday, February 18, 2011

Finding a Remedy

                February 18. Today wasn’t a day packed with adrenaline, quite the opposite really. We had another long car ride of 5 hours (they are starting to wear me down). We listened to some more comedy in the car to keep our spirits high. We only have 2 more days in New Zealand before we go to Fiji. We’re not ready to leave yet. I, at least, feel as if I’ve only scratched the surface of this amazing country.
                Andrew lent me his Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring book. I have been so eager to read the series again after we have watched the trilogy and saw some of the landscape on which it was filmed. The book is tedious, but it’s still a great read. I forgot how much was left out of the movie that is in the book.
                We stopped for lunch after about 3 hours. We all made sandwiches again and threw the Frisbee around. I wasn’t on my game, and I felt like I was having an off day. I wasn’t myself at all. I kept quiet and just thought about what the next year of my life would bring. I don’t know why I was thinking of my future that day, but it kept eating at my mind when I least expected it.
                When we finally arrived at the hostel in Christchurch, I was not looking forward to going out to dinner with everyone. I just wanted to be alone for a while. I did my laundry and showered, pausing once in a while to humor one of my friends as they made a joke or tried to initiate a conversation. Finally, it was time to eat dinner. We had another Kebab, but these ones were enormous, with twice the meat, sauce, bread and veggies. It could have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It brought some happiness back into me, but that soon died away as the group left for the bars and I went upstairs to my room. Even if I had been able to be with everyone, I wouldn’t have wanted to.
                I checked my email immediately when I got back to my room. Just to add to my disappointing day I read an email that stated I had been deferred to my number 1 college. I know that it doesn’t mean I’ve been denied, but it didn’t do anything to help my mood. More out of routine than desire, I grabbed my computer. It’s funny how I wouldn’t have wanted to write a page or more every day when I was at home, but now it’s become a habit. It’s funnier still how the simple act of writing is making me feel better about my day. I think, subconsciously, I’ve been purging myself of all bad emotion for almost 3 weeks now. Knowing that there is a way to escape, for me to be able to channel my emotions into something, is a comfortable feeling. Hopefully this sensation will stay with me for the next few months or maybe even forever.


  1. Hey Jimmy...I am not surprised you had a "down day" after the adrenalin rush you and I experienced in the jump. I had to take to my bed! The maturity you have developed in such a short time is astounding to me...I am truly in awe.
    143 dearly, Mimi

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Just a note to express my thanks to you for the great "recordings". And I might add the pride I sense when I think a young man of my extended family is chronicling these outrageous adventures in such a articulate manner. Some one once said: "Character is what you build when no one is looking".
    You make me so proud.

  3. Very very well said, Mimi and I's no surprise that you're feeling a let down after your peak experience. You know how to take of yourself and "regroup" while being introspective. You've got a great attitude. I went to the high school yesterday and saw office staff and some faculty...all of who stopped me to ask about where you are in your travels, how your doing and wanted me to make sure I tell you hello and that you're VERY missed. xx Mom

  4. No time to be down my man! You are in the most wonderful place in the world. Are you going to cruise milford sound? loved hearing that you have been bungy jumping etc. I wish I'd have had more than a couple of days to explore the south island when I was there....

  5. Jimmy let us know if we can sykpe call you sometime. We'd love to hear more and have a chance to say hi. Uncle tommy