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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just So You Know

                February 17. At least this morning wasn’t as hectic as yesterday morning. I woke up and blogged, as you might already know, and finished blogging at around 9:30am. We had to leave at 10am so I only had 30 minutes to pack, eat, shower, and pack up the van. We only just made it, checking out at exactly 10am. We drove for another 6 hours to Dun Edin, a much larger town than Queenstown. Our hostel is located right under the PoolBar. There are at least 20 pool tables in this bar under us, so we were able to spend the rest of the day down there. I also was able to post my Nevis bungy jump on my Facebook, so if you would like to view it please don’t hesitate to friend me on Facebook (I am Jimmy Mack on Facebook). We went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant and I was pressured into trying many new foods I wouldn’t normally eat. I ate seaweed, plenty of vegetables, and even eel. We went back to play some pool and President again. I used to hate President, but it is a game of exotic emotion and exuberant attitudes. The noise rose twice in level when we play cards. The game just ended and we are now in our beds getting ready to sleep, but I just wanted to share a statement that might clear up some confusion.
                When I first planned the month of February, I signed up for the Give Fiji trip, but it was canceled due to only 2 people signing up for it. It just so happens that Caitie was that other person. When I chose the Essential New Zealand/Fiji trip I thought it would be culture based. It sure seemed it would be that way when looking at the itinerary on the Rustic Pathways website. Don’t get me wrong, I love this experience and have learned some culture while I’ve been here, but it didn’t meet my expectations. The main purpose of these 4 months is to help world communities and learn about culture, but it did not turn out so for February. I spoke to Rustic Pathways about this and I have been assured that my next 3 months will be more of an immersion into the countries, so I hope for those of you who were hoping for feedback on my original ventures, your expectations will be met in my next 3 months. Sorry if any of you were disappointed by my first month, but I would urge you to check in during next month. Thanks so much for your feedback, keep it coming.


  1. As I commented a few posts ago, I know this isn't quite what you were expecting or working towards,'ll be working+studying in just 2 weeks, probably harder than you've ever worked+studied in your life. Consider this a gimme' and continue to enjoy. Mimi said (and I agree) that she thinks that you'll include your month in NZ as valuable, for different reasons, as your months in China+Thailand. You've already grown+matured 10 times over. You haven't lost a thing (at least that's what you're telling me)...that's HUGE !!!! I love you. xx Mom

  2. hey dont worry about us being 'dissapointed' at all.....because OMFG everything you're posting is amazing and makes me jealous everyday (and fell a little bit lazy)! just the fact that you're traveling, meeting new people, trying new things is amazing. and dont worry....your next 3 months will be just as amazing if not better!